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Last updated 01/06/145

transform data into intelligence


This is our ‘bread-and-butter’ work.  It is where we are proud to excel.

We always operate and charge on a team basis, but are happy to work to a fixed price or on a time and materials contract.

We use an ‘agile’ development methodology that gets the job done quickly, but is flexible enough to accommodate changes as they occur.

We have a ‘Prove Early’ mantra which gets working systems to users as swiftly as possible.

Our staff are fully trained in the use of NDL’s Mobile, Integration and Automation development toolsets. Most (but by no means all) of our solutions use these tools.

awiMX allows us to develop in parallel for Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows RT and works offline.

awiSX gives us unequalled access to back-office systems without the need to procure vendor APIs.

awiDX provides freedom to automate virtually any desktop task, quickly, reliably and free of transcription errors.