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Mobile Survey System


Whilst we pride ourselves in developing the best bespoke solutions, we find that many of our customers use a core of common systems and have compatible and very similar requirements.

Rather than re-invent the wheel each time, which is costly, time consuming and frankly tedious, we try where possible to provide framework applications which can be re-used, quickly tuned and tailored as needed.

Mobile Survey System

In 2013, we became a registered development partner for the Mobile Survey System. Built on NDL’s awiMX mobile development platform by Blue Diamond Internet Systems, we are able to fully demonstrate, install, configure and deploy the system.  We can also provide modifications to the growing number of surveys that are freely distributed with the system or indeed can write new ones if required.

However, don’t assume this system is only applicable to social landlords. Such is its flexibility that it can be easily configured to work in virtually any mobile situation.  Learn more by visiting or by contacting us.

Service Availability Monitor

Often the first indication of system problems are when the helpdesk phones start hopping off the hook. To address the issue, Transform Data developed the Service Availability Monitor (SAM).  Using the NDL automation software, awiSX and harnessing the scheduling power of awiQX, SAM connects to key systems and alerts any version changes, unavailability or un-responsiveness giving technical staff time to remedy the problem before it affects the users.

SAM is supplied with a number of pre-coded plug-in’s.  Additional adaptors for alternate back-office systems can be written using awiSX. See sample here or Contact us for more details.