Lagan to i-World and back again.

Transform Data has recently completed a project to develop an interface to synchronise data between Lagan CRM and Northgate i-World.


Making it easier for tenants to do business with housing associations and Registered Social Landlords forms part of the United Kingdom government policy to optimise the potential of every channel through which public services are delivered and accessed.

"HM Government has a responsibility to provide excellent services to the public and value for money to the taxpayer. This responsibility applies to every organisation of government and everything each organisation commits resource to. The channels through which public services are delivered and by which the public has contact with government, be that via telephone, online, in person, or via other means, are a critical part of public service provision, and there is an ongoing impetus for them to be managed effectively and efficiently for everyone."

        Sarah Fogden, Deputy Director Service Transformation, Cabinet Office  

Problem - Channel Strategy

To implement a well designed channel strategy for tenants in social housing it is necessary to ensure accurate information is available across all channels. Tenants can then be encouraged to channel shift without losing confidence in the support they are receiving from the social landlord.

A large housing trust had implemented the Lagan Enterprise Case Management (ECM) system and wished to synchronise data between it and the Northgate Housing Management system.

It was found that there was a need to rapidly update customer information in both systems and it was decided to develop a process for directly transferring data using interfaces in Northgate and Lagan ECM and supported by AWI integration scripts.


The design requirements resulted in a solution using four development modules with all the transactions managed by a central data store and the data flow controlled by a Scheduler running on the .NET Framework.

Conventional wisdom tells us that in an integrated environment, people details should be mastered in one system for consumption throughout the enterprise. Whilst this is certainly correct, in some cases it is not always achievable.

In the case there was a real requirement for both systems to be able to maintain customer details. To implement such an arrangement, a layer of intelligence was required to monitor, audit and propagate selected changed data. Transform Data devised and implemented such a layer, checking for change at timed intervals, recording detailed Audit data, and passing update information into queues for onward processing.

Lagan updates are performed using the Transform Data Web Caller for Lagan. Northgate updates are accomplished using NDL scripts, using non-invasive technology to drive the application through the user interface.


Since our synchroniser actions are governed by a set of programmable rules, the solution is application agnostic, making it suitable for the synchronisation of applications in any enterprise.

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